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weareslashy's Journal

We Are Scientists Slash
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Welcome to weareslashy!

We're a community for the sharing of slash involving the band We Are Scientists. Slash meaning, well, anything (art, fanfiction, photomanips) involving same-sex pairings. If you don't like this... well, go away.

Membership's moderated; please don't apply for membership with an empty journal! It will be assumed you are a troll.

Rules. Because, well, everyone else has them.

1. Keep posts on-topic. If you aren't discussing We Are Scientists and the slashiness of the band, we don't particularly want to know.
2. When posting fic/art/photomanips, there must be at least one member of the band involved. Crossovers are all very well and good.
3. Please, please make sure your grammar and spelling is half decent when posting fic. Please. If you need help, get a beta. If you can't find a beta, poke one of the mods, they'll help if you ask nicely.
4. Fic/art/photomanips under a lj-cut, please.
5. Use a header when posting fic. The header should include the title of the fic, rating, pairing, any author's notes or warnings. Also post a header when posting any art or photomanips.
6. Play nicely. No flaming/trolling/being generally sucky. Constructive criticism is all very well and good, but "THIS SUX LOLZ" doesn't help anybody.
7. If advertising, contact one of the mods first. They'll tell you if what you're advertising's okay.
8. Make posts friends-only, please.

Disclaimer: These stories are entirely fictional and make no claim to be real. Also we do not own We Are Scientists. Discuss.