d.rama (alittlelost) wrote in weareslashy,

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If that's Jasper, I predicted this.

Alright, and now something nicer after this little shock......

I want people to be inspired by this, in every sense of the word.

Told you....
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I don't blame him. That's a pretty hard to resist ass..
I don't think anyone can blame him. It's just... whoa! He actually dared to!!!
er... jasper is taller than keith. pretty sure that's mikey paintchips.
Hmph.... *pouts*
i know, i know. my jasper/keith dreams are pretty substantial, too. argh, paintchips.
*POUTS* Damn.
Jasper who?

*feels like an idiot*

*but is very jealous of the mystery lad feeling Keith up*
Art Brut Jasper. Jasper Jasper.